Samsung Galaxy Watch 46

The Galaxy Watch is Samsung's most refined smartwatch due to its helpful fitness tracking and four-day battery life – if you opt for the larger 46mm size that we liked and recommend. All of this is packaged inside a sophisticated-looking circular silver-and-black smartwatch that has a rotating bezel for effortless menu navigation. Be warned, third-party apps are lacking and its iOS support is limited if you're using an iPhone. This is best for Samsung fans.

Get up, or hit snooze? Go for a run, or for ice cream? Smartwatch, or classic analog? If you can’t decide, the Samsung Galaxy Watch has the answers. The Super AMOLED display with a battery that lasts a full week tells you how you slept and the date, so you don’t miss your appointments.

Thanks to the GPS, picking a different running route is no sweat, and you can still get that ice cream on the way home. If you prefer cycling or swimming, the waterproof chronograph recognizes all your activities and provides calorie and heart rate data. It also reminds you to breathe when you’re stressed, so the only thing to sweat now is what to wear it with.

• Housing material: stainless steel
• Bracelet material: silicone compatible
• Operating systems: iOS, Android
• Sports: hiking, swimming, cycling, running, gymnastics, fitness, athletics
• Stress levels, sleep phases / quality, pulse
• Battery life: up to 7 days
• Heart rate sensor: Yes