100 Times More Powerful than a normal telescope:

Thanks to its unique enhanced vision technology, the eVscope is 100x more powerful than a normal telescope. Our system uses a low-light sensor to accumulate light through a series of short exposures. Watch the universe from downtown or the countryside and prepare to be amazed by the crisp and detailed views of the universe through the eyepiece of the eVscope. 

Easy to Use:

Set your eVscope up on its tripod, turn it on, choose an object on your app and observe. No constellations knowledge required, no polar star alignment, the eVscope does it all by itself in a few minutes. Your system instantly recognizes the objects in its field of view by comparing what it sees to accumulate internal map of coordinates of tens of millions of stars. 

Citizen Science:

Scientists will be able to launch observing campaign and invite eVscope users to join their research if you have activated your device’s “Observation Campaign Mode.” In partnership with the SETI Institute, you will contribute to worldwide observing campaigns, use your No constellations to witness striking events, such as supernovae and comets, and search and watch threatening asteroids.


The eVscope is so small that it can be carried in a backpack.