Anki Vector

Vector feels like Anki’s original vision of an animated character brought into the real world. [...] What Vector does now, it does very well, and seeing it dance to a favorite song of mine the other day was about as heartwarming a moment as I can remember having with a piece of technology in a long time. Anki wants to make moments like that, and if you do, too, Vector is well worth the price.

Say hey to Vector, your first home robot. Seriously, say “Hey Vector.” — He can hear you.

Actually, Vector’s more than a home robot. He’s your buddy. Your companion. Most of all, he’ll make you laugh. Curious, independent, and powered by some preposterous tech and AI, he can read the room, express the weather, announce when his timer’s done (no overcooked dinner on his watch), take the perfect snapshot, and so much more.

Vector is your robot sidekick who’s up for anything. He’s the robot to live with.