MekaMon V2 Gaming Robot

The Mekamon is one of the best robots we’ve ever played with. The way it moves feels a little Metal Gear Solid, a little spider-like, and genuinely gives the impression of life. It’s sold as an AR robot, but the AR element doesn’t feel as developed as the robot itself, which means it’s at its best when fighting in a pair. And at $299.95 (£299.95, about AU$535) buying one is a big expenditure. Two could prove to be prohibitive.

The world’s first gaming robot, MekaMon is a battlebot like no other. In November 2017, we brought the real and virtual worlds together for next level gaming with cutting-edge robotics and augmented reality. Today, MekaMon can do all that and more with an expansive software overhaul and hardware updates on the frontline of robotic technology.

Your MekaMon is a real-life video game character, with fluid, expressive movement and an integrated modular design. Taking on a life of its own, MekaMon now responds to your movements and reacts accordingly with responsive interaction. Take on hordes of enemy bots in brand new AR environments featuring dynamic damage, or challenge your friends to pioneering robot battles in the real world; all you need is a MekaMon and your smart device.

Create your own custom animations in MekaMotion, or jump into classic arcade titles that merge the future of gaming technology with the foundations of its past. MekaMon is consistently updated with new features and experiences to keep your robot fresh.