Meta 2

Meta blows the HoloLens (and any other augmented reality I’ve seen) away. The first is its 90-degree field of view — more than twice the largest estimate I’ve seen of HoloLens’ FOV, and comparable to some VR headsets. The second is comfort. Meta is the only AR headset I’ve ever worn that didn’t feel like it was slipping down my face, including HoloLens. This is because a like a VR headset, with an overhead strap that holds it up.

Meta 2 is an augmented reality headset featuring 90º field of view, virtual workspace, and sensors that allow users to interact with holographic content.

– The Widest Field of View on the Market

At 90°, the Meta 2 has the widest field of view (FOV) available in AR, offering an immersive experience with photorealistic holograms.

– Holographic 3D Content You Can Touch

Whether you’re building 3D architectural models or learning about human anatomy, you can touch, grab, push, and pull stunning 3D holograms in the Meta 2.

– Enhance the World Around You

The Meta 2’s powerful optical engine overlays high-resolution photorealistic content on the physical world, while the clear visor enables you to see your immediate environment and let you make eye contact with those around you.

– A User Interface Primed for Productivity

Meta’s user interface allows you to arrange 3D content in a manner that’s optimal for your particular workflow, making it ideal for the world of work.