Introducing the iRobot Roomba 980 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, an ultra efficient and effective way of cleaning. The impressive Roomba 980 will seamlessly navigate around your home at the push of a button, keeping track of it’s location and recharging as needed until the job is complete. The smart iRobot HOME App allows you to control your cleaning schedule while you are on the go.

Advanced technology
The Roomba 980 runs continuously for 2 hours using a highly efficient cleaning pattern and sensors to adapt to it’s surroundings. The compact design and low profile allows the 980 to clean effectively under most pieces of furniture, reaching the smallest of spaces removing as much dirt and dust as possible. The Cliff-Detection Sensors prevent the Roomba from falling of any drops.

Easy to use
The clever iRobot HOME app lets you plan a cleaning schedule to suit your convenience. You have full visibility of the status of your cleaning jobs and you can also select your custom cleaning preference. Your Roomba can be preset to vacuum up to seven times a week.

The Roomba 980 automatically adjusts to clean carpets, hardwood, laminate and tile floors as it navigates through your home. The brush-less extractors prevent any tangles caused by hairs and other debris, meaning it tackles the daily build-up of dirt with ease.

Intelligent cleaning
The unique AeroForce cleaning system with Carpet Boost increases performance on carpet and rugs where dust is usually easily hidden. An efficiency filter captures 99% of allergens, pollen and particles, while a spinning side brush forces debris into the path of the 3-stage cleaning system.